Meet the Designer – Monica

MonicaOne hot summer in Oak Cliff (Dallas) Texas, when I was 7 years old, I was drinking my Great Grandmother’s (FAMOUS) sweet tea while watching her quilt. I was so fascinated by the idea of the small pieces of fabric, making this useable item- blanket/quilt! I wondered what else those small pieces of fabric can make. My Great Grandmother gave me some fabric scraps, thread, and needles to create on my own. I started making doll clothes and soon started cutting up my own clothes for more fabric.  Then I moved to making bags. I made my first zipper bag for my Grandmother who was going to travel to Oklahoma for a family reunion and she loved it!

By the age of 12, I found out that I could have a career/business being a Fashion Designer and started selling my handmade items to my friends. I sold my first bags for $5. They were made out of bandanas I got at the .99 cent store, the plastic from school binders, and some vinyl I bought at Wal-Mart. (I wish I had pictures!) I even made custom bags by printing my friend’s name on iron-on papers and putting them on the bags.

When I was 15, my price increased to $10 per bag. I got my first sewing machine and I started making clothes and more styles of bags. I made those jean pants bags…you know the kind that still have the all pockets. Haha! That was a trend back then and I sold quite a bit of them! Shout out to all my friends/customers who bought something from me during all of my learning years.

As time went on, so did my knowledge and techniques. I even started designing jewelry. My first year in college (Studied Fashion Design at El Centro College – Dallas Community College), I found out about an art show/shopping event named The Girlie Show that was being held in Oklahoma City. I was 18 and fearless!! Me and my mom drove to Oklahoma and set up a space/booth. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. We were three hours from home and didn’t know anyone in sight! That was the first show I ever participated in and I loved every minute of it. Meeting all the other artist and designers plus seeing everyone’s reactions of the things that I made was the most incredible feeling. After I got back to Dallas, I searched for more shows and signed up for them. I participated in many shows around Dallas and Austin for a few years until I was a junior in college (at Northwood University- Cedar Hill).

My college life experiences were amazing! While at El Centro, I was able to apprentice with a leather accessories designer (this is what started my love of working with leather) and he even hosted a trunk show for me in his boutique located in the big brick building in Downtown Dallas – South Side of Lamar. I was very involved with the local handmade scene and was even contacted by Toyota Yaris to teach at a 2-day How-To promotional event. When I transferred to Northwood University, I wanted to concentrate on getting the most out of college. I was the Fashion Show Producer both years I was there and even the Fashion Club President one year!

Currently, I continue to create handmade accessories. I love to design collections based on places I travel and my current color obsessions. Some goals and plans I have for 2016, is designing my own line of fabric and much more. I’m so excited to get started! My blog is under construction but be sure to come back and check it out. I’ll be posting about my travels, new products, How-to’s, behind the scenes and more!

My Degrees and Certificates: Certified – Fashion Merchandising, Associate of Applied Sciences Degree- Majoring in Fashion Marketing, and Bachelor’s in Business Administration- Majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management.

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